Sant Bal Yogeshwar Bhartiya Vidya Mandir is an amalgamation of competent teachers, state of the art infrastructure and an experienced and efficient administration. The school came into existence with the vision of creating a safe and supportive environment for its students to provide a perfect balance of academics, sports, artistic and social opportunities.

The School’s genuine concern ensures students emotional growth along with intellectual excellence. This empowers them to develop their self esteemawareness and self confidence.

While studying at the school the students will be groomed to become confident, articulate and enlightened young citizen, ready to step into global society with dignity, honour and integrity.

Besides rigorous Scholastic programmes we seek to develop and nurture thedifferent facts of a child from academic to dance, music &a variety of sports. We focus on developing both, mental and physical abilities of a student, where the childis able to explore his true potential.

From interactive methods to a healthy teacher student relationship, we workaround making studies as effortless as possible.
Today’s India is an empowered, enlightened and enterprising nation. We wish to make it even more powerful with smart and confident citizens who would make usproud of their multifaceted growth.